Company Management


Capt. Aleksander Gnutov

Aleksander Gnutov (born 1969) is CEO and member of the board for AV Safety.
He has 29 years of management experience in international business within marine industry (Shipping and Life Saving Appliances) and holds degree in Marine Navigation (cum laude) and unlimited Ship Master Diploma. He is also certified by several major LSA and FSS OEMs as service engineer.



Vladimir Bobakov

Vladimir Bobakov (born 1969) is CTO and a member of the board for AV Safety.
He has worked for Tallinn Shipyard for seven years, where obtained valuable technical skills. Vladimir holds degree from Tallinn University of Technology. Vladimir is approved service engineer by several  LSA and FSS manufacturers.




Deniss Vtorov

Deniss Vtorov (born 1974) is Principal Engineer for AV Safety Tallinn Office.  He served as an engineer/chief engineer on merchant ships for over 9 years, also as a service engineer in Wärtsilä. Deniss Vtorov holds degree in Marine Engineering from Estonian Maritime Academy. Deniss is approved service engineer by major LSA and FSS manufacturers.